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I help enterprises and startups alike open doors on the web.

Why should you work with Tim Hurd and what can he do for you?

It is hard running your company and perhaps you don't want to struggle, or waste time, with your web systems. You don't want to figure out why your website has an error or how you can build that next great idea. You just want it to work! I leverage over 15+ years of development experience to build plugins & components, web applications, templates, APIs, tool scripts and troubleshoot problems so you don't have to. I believe simple and straight forward software is just better. Let me show you how I did this for others.



Integrating one system to work with another is my specialty. Never again does your system have to live on an island. I work with and design APIs that keep systems talking.

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Software architecture


Sure, the app may get the job done but does it scale? How will it last through time? Can you extend it? Due to my past successes, I have been asked to solve these problems and develop flagship large-scale applications.

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Thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Knowledge should be shared. I learn a lot of new things every day and I think it is important to mentor and share the best information with my clients. This philosophy makes the people that work with me stronger.

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Tools of the Trade

With the tenacity to find the simplest and best solution, along with a polyglot skill set that stretches from the desktop to the web, I am a driver for positive change in companies. I use the best tools to help make your software straight forward and easier to understand. I use technologies like...

Tim Hurd's skill set
  • Web development technologies like PHP, ASP.NET (C#) and Node.js/Express to simplify back-end complexity.
  • Build great user experiences with HTML 5, CSS (Sass/BEM) and Bootstrap/Tailwind.
  • Interactive web applications with tools like React, jQuery and other JavaScript front-end frameworks.
  • REST API design and worked with products like AWS, Chargify, Google and more.
  • WordPress, ModX, 1CRM and other content management systems that you might already use.
  • Should you need it, I have built scripts and tools in C#, Java, Python, Ruby to name a few.

What Others Say

Sure, what I have said so far sounds pretty great, but what do other people say about working with me? I work like a developer but speak plain English. I love getting great reviews!


Do you need a developer to help out your organization? Have a question about my work? Both? Please reach out and let me know using the form below. With my help we can do some great things!