Picture of Tim Hurd


In this changing world of technology, APIs, messaging, social media, content management systems and more it is getting increasingly difficult for individuals and companies to keep track of, display, aggregate and share meaningful information from their data. That is where Tim comes in. Tim brings overs 26 years of real-world development and architecture experience to the endless sea of data. He has worked in several industries including software, travel, retail and telecommunications developing solutions while engineering multi-million dollar systems. He has worked for many game changing companies like Uniglobe Travel, CounterPath Corporation (acquired by Alianza) and Lumerical Inc (acquired by Ansys) to name a few.

Tim graduated first in his class from the Thompson Rivers University’s CSOM program in 2004 which specializes in programming and software development. This program featured rigorous hands on group work developing software applications and design for small to large-scale web and database applications. This program is one of the leading programs of its kind in the country. Many of its graduates go to work in oil, energy and high-tech firms. While attending this program he also did the CO-OP program working for a retail software development firm developing applications related to inventory tracking.

In 2005 Uniglobe Travel, which has over 700 agencies worldwide, asked Tim to architect and engineer a custom intranet and communication system to help them better communicate with their agencies from their world headquarters in Vancouver BC. Tim got to work developing a new system based on PHP and leveraging Google technologies to provide enhanced search capabilities and focusing on a better overall user experience. After a brief consultation, the system was built around the agent and their needs. The system remains in use to this day servicing thousands of users daily.

Then in 2016 CounterPath Corporation asked Tim to be their lead developer on a web based SaaS platform called Bria X. This platform joins the world of the web with CounterPath’s proprietary softphone provisioning system, helping them leverage their years of experience in desktop development to move their company into the cloud. This allowed their customers to enjoy a seamless subscription experience and provision thousands of endpoints in the matter of a few minutes. The solution leveraged ASP.NET (C#) to interact with an e-commerce platform (AbleCommerce), subscription service provider (Chargify) and taxation (Avalara). The user enjoyed a beautiful responsive interface built on Bootstrap, jQuery, data-tables.js and others. Bria X went on to win the 2017 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award from TMC and generates tremendous recurring revenue for the company.

To this day Tim is heavily involved in developing solutions which are breaking down walls and opening doors for companies of all sizes. He typically enjoys working for smaller entrepreneurs and marketing groups to help deliver high-impact systems. He is currently the Senior Web Developer for Lumerical Inc (now Ansys).

Knowledge Sharing

What would development be without sharing your discoveries? In between major projects Tim finds the time to give back to the development community. He has authored 3 e-books and mentors hundreds of developers each year through numerous online communities. His efforts have nabbed him 40 Dream In Code awards (Yes 40!) over the course of 14 years and has allowed him to become the number one developer in Canada on Yahoo! Answers for programming and design until the platform was retired. He also participates on the Sitepoint.com forums where he was honored as Member of the Month for April 2021 and blogs for them on advanced web development architecture/design. Through all of his efforts he has provided more than 14,000 answers! He believes that by sharing knowledge with the community, as well as his clients, everyone wins.


Tim has brought a wide range of skills to the table to meet some of the toughest demands. He has experience in:

  • API integration and design
  • ASP.NET (C#) and PHP Development (WAMP/LAMP Stacks)
  • Back-end and relational database design utilizing MySQL and SQL Server
  • Responsive design (HTML5, CSS3, BEM, LESS and SASS)
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks (jQuery, React and others)
  • User experience and analytic integrations
  • WordPress and other CMS development
  • Version control systems, primarily Git
  • Many more skills!

How can he help?

If you are in need of someone who will take your projects seriously and will not only provide you with code but be a partner in your next big idea, Tim can help! Due to overwhelming demand he can only take a handful of projects at this point in time. Please use the contact form on the front page to get in touch. Please include a description of the project and what you would like to see done.