Tim Hurd's Publications

The Programmers Idea Book – 200 Software Project Ideas And Tips To Developing Them was based on a thread I wrote in 2008 and now has over 4 million views. The original thread provided 100 project ideas for programmers of all skill levels to start with when building their next blockbuster app. It described only the app name and a brief description. Later I added 100 additional ideas and fleshed out all 200 with more description, resource links, tips and tricks along with a difficulty rating. I thought it was important to write this book to help programmers who struggle coming up with great ideas for programs. To this day it has remained a popular download and has been featured on many people’s repositories and blogs.

The Coders Survival Guide: Habits and Pitfalls – A supplemental book, that actually comes bundled with the other two, was my second e-book and features a brief discussion on many development tricks which I have learned over the years. It is meant to be a guide for helping programmers identify great habits to adopt and which to avoid to be better developers. It was bundled with the other two ebook titles I have since it is a bit shorter and will greatly help developers tackle larger projects. Once programmers know where to tread and which design areas to avoid, they can grow stronger in their learning and gain a greater understanding of how to build top quality products.

Diagnosing the Problem: Finding And Communicating The Bugs That Plague Our Systems – This is my third book where I go in depth on the black art of problem decomposition. I take the reader from diagnosing software bugs to techniques for finding bugs faster. Then I discuss that once a bug is found how to get the help and resources you need from stakeholders. I believe this book highlights my overall expertise in thought leadership and helps both programmers and business minded leaders come together to develop highly functional software that actually addresses business needs. I strongly recommend this book if you are an experienced programmer that may need some additional tips on finding issues quickly and helping businesses save time and money. These ideas will greatly accelerate programmer projects and increase programmer productivity.

If you are interested in purchasing these books you can download them from my blog. You can also get in contact with me about them using my contact form.