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There are hundreds of thousands of developers in the world building tools for countless computer systems. However, not all of them are specialists when it comes to building great software systems. Through my career I have studied countless systems to figure out not only what type of systems to build, but WHY we build them in certain ways. Whether it be design patterns or methodologies, always keeping an eye on the bigger picture of why we should build one system one way versus another is paramount. Anyone can build a house, but it takes a structural engineer or architect to make sure it doesn’t fall apart in a week. Below are a couple of large-scale examples of systems that I built with proper structure in mind. The result has been companies reaping years of rewards from great design and calculated implementation.

Bria X

One of the new flagship products of CounterPath Corporation, this subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform composes of softphone client software for multiple devices (desktop and mobile) and a web platform responsible for managing user’s subscriptions. I helped CounterPath Corporation realize their vision of a web platform that would allow a customer to sign up for a free trial of the software, download the client software, provision multiple softphones simultaneously and help customers manage their online account to control costs. With a great architecture the platform scaled to several thousand signups in just the matter of a few months and lead to a recurring monthly revenue of tens of thousands of dollars. They sit back and let the customers enjoy the service while making money.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET (C#) | API Development | HTML5 / CSS3 / JS | Responsive Design


Uniglobe Travel International needed a way for their intranet style tool called MyUNN to be redesigned and scaled to meet the demands of their growing agency network. The old system had been created back towards the beginning of the 21st century and they wanted something that was fresh and allowed over 700+ agencies worldwide to login and read information about the organization in a handful of languages. I designed this system to take advantage of newer technologies to foster more interaction and encourage their agents to interact with the company’s international headquarters to provide useful feedback from all corners of the globe. At the same time I allowed their agencies to also receive timely information from headquarters and take action on industry events to stay competitive and drive value for those people booking travel.

Technologies Used: PHP | HTML / CSS / JavaScript | API development | News Readers | Templating Systems

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