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What exactly is meant by an integration? Have you ever had two software systems that you wished would talk to one another and work together to accomplish a certain task? Perhaps you wished that your blog would talk with your intranet to post articles and, at the same time, the article would be tweeted to all of your followers. Typically this is accomplished when both systems offer a mechanism like an API to make the sharing of info easier. I work with such mechanisms, or even build such mechanisms, to get all your systems on the same page. When they are all on the same page, you will see productivity gains and save money in many ways you haven’t even considered. Below are some of the integrations I have developed for other companies.


Stretto™ is a Voice over IP (VoIP) softphone provisioning platform created by CounterPath Corporation. The platform allows customers to customize and provision multiple softphones for both desktop and mobile clients. I managed to integrate this proprietary technology into the new award-winning Bria X platform which allowed their e-commerce solutions to create accounts, add and remove users and gave the power for customers to configure their own softphone deployments online. Something that hadn’t been done up to that point at that scale.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET (C#) | HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript | jQuery | Bootstrap 3 | SQL Server


This integration was done through my work with CounterPath Corporation’s Bria X web platform project. Chargify is a service which helps businesses manage the life cycle of subscriptions. Through an e-commerce platform called AbleCommerce, I was able to build out a full web API mechanism which integrated with this subscription process. Part of that mechanism included a custom webhooking process that brought the two systems together and kept track of purchases and ushered those purchases into the subscription process. All of this while also maintaining full records of the transaction and applying any applicable taxes for North America and Europe.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET (C#) | Web API Project | Chargify Webhooks

Google Search Web API

Uniglobe Travel asked that I work with a Google Custom Search Appliance to help their agents implement context sensitive search queries for their network of websites. After installing the actual hardware search device within their co-location cage located in downtown Vancouver British Columbia, I went about integrating it into their site leveraging a search API to generate results to search queries. This device would then index up to 100k documents and make it searchable to the company without having to leave their network. It opened up the company to enhanced searching capabilities never before experienced and helped their 700+ agencies find what they are looking for.

Technologies Used: PHP | HTML / CSS / JavaScript | Google Search Appliance

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