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Thought Leadership

With over 25 years of development experience, in both desktop and web software systems, I have acquired quite a bit of domain knowledge. However, what good is this knowledge if it lives and dies with me? That is why I think it is important to give back to the development community. For individual developers, I mentor and teach cutting-edge development techniques. For companies, I give back through their channels and help those companies become leaders in their industry. Through my efforts I have earned countless awards and have been recognized for my achievements in promoting good software design and problem solving skills. Take a look below and learn about some of these efforts.

The Coders Lexicon

The crown jewel of my thought leadership efforts is my blog and think tank site The Coders Lexicon. Started several years ago the blog features several articles on programming and related industry resources and solutions. It covers several topics and programming languages through working code and explanations that help developers solve their toughest challenges. In addition to this I provide useful resources for further learning, recommendations for projects, tips, tricks and more. My blog also features my massively popular book “The Programmers Idea Book” which is based on a web thread I once created in 2008 that now has over 3.7 million views.

Achievement: Helped programmers get the solutions they need!


One of the places I have contributed most of my time is a web board called Dream.In.Code (recently closed). As a mentor there, for over a decade, I have helped thousands of new and experienced developers become the best they can be. With over 14,000+ replies, I have offered thousands of tips and code snippets that have helped people and companies remove obstacles in their projects and learn a few new things along the way. I have earned over 40 community awards since 2008 for my work and for being a positive force in the software development industry.

40 Awards: Most Helpful in Programming | Nicest Member Award | Best Mentor | Best Blogger

Sitepoint.com Blog Contributor and Member

Recently I have been become a paid contributor to the Sitepoint.com Blog where I write articles in the web development space. Some of the articles I have already written about include Higher-order functions, WordPress for the Enterprise, Static and Dynamic Types and WordPress hooks to name a few. I am also a regular member of their community and answer questions almost on a daily basis covering web tech as well as some desktop development questions.

Achievement: SitePoint Blog Contributor and Former Member of the Month Community Member

Leading others to new heights of thought is great, but want to know about integrations I have done? Continue on to see examples of my integrations.

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